elreg as develop and manufactures anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers.

Some products elreg has developed for our customers!

inApril AS (Seismic)

elreg was selected by inApril to be the company doing the development of the A3000 ocean bottom node for their Venator system. The A3000 is a robust all-in-one seismic node designed for efficiency in handling and storage. It is suitable for use in shallow and deep water up to 3000 meter.


IMED Secure (Medical)

Gateway is an CAN-bus to Ethernet gateway with build in Web-Server and ModBus. Used to remotely administrate the IMED Secure components and notify tech personnel by e-mail or ModBus signaling. Communication via N-CAN bus  IMED Secure components.

TÜV certified.

WesternGeco (Seismic)

elreg was selected by WesternGeco AS for developing and supporting a portable Fiber Optic Tester for their new system for land seismic acquisition platform. The UniQ platform has been designed to optimize productivity and minimize technical downtime


Solar regulator (MPPT)

elreg was one of the first companies worlwide developing an solar regulator with build in MPPT regulation. MPPT, or Maximum Power Point Tracker is an electronic converter that optimizes the match between the solar panels, charger and the battery bank.


(Energy control)

elreg was selected by the contractor to develop the electronic units for an power-line based communication structur. The system collected data from more than 70 sensors and loged data continuous for their QA system. All controlled over the internet.


(Energy control)

elreg was selected by Energy control system international to develop an small stand alone energy controller unit for buildings with oil burners to reduce their consumption of oil. By the end of year 2019 more than 35.000 units is installed world wide.


(test equipment)

elreg was selected by NEMKO to develop an Audio Wattmeter test unit for use in NEMKO's test lab for testing and  appoval of electronic products. After testing, Elreg delivered 12 units to serve test departments at NEMKO.

IMED Secure (Medical)

Switchoverunit is used to ensure a redundant power supply in medical locations. Communication via N-CAN bus with other IMED Secure components.

TÜV certified.

IMED Secure (Medical)

TrafoGuard is used to monitor the IT transformer used in medical locations regarding temperature, load and insulation. Communication via N-CAN bus with other IMED Secure components.

TÜV certified.

EasyLift (Buildings)

elreg together with the inventor of the Trappetrekk (todays EasyLift) build an company together where elreg did the development, and also the production and installation. EasyLift is used in appartments building that don`t have lift installed. Several systems is installed in Oslo.

NSB (electronic boards)

elreg has through the years supported NSB with several design jobs for electronic boards used in their equipment. Elreg also do the purchasing, assembling of the boards and deliver more or less complete units.

Wireless communication for minibars

elreg was selected by GEMS (Global electronic minibar systems) to do the electronic development for their minibars. All minbars communicates in realtime through power line and internet to ensure an economic and controlled system for the operators.


(military vehicles)

elreg was selected by Wormald-Signalco AS (Tyco) to do the development of an combined fire and automatic fire-extinguishing system for military vehicles. Only 2 of totally 5 different sentrals was appoved for use by the military, and the Firescan was one of this.

IMED Secure (Medical)

IsoLocator is used for selective-simultaneous insulation monitoring of up to 16 output circuits of an IT medical power supply. Detects leakage currents < 0.5 mA. Communication via N-CAN bus with other IMED Secure components.

TÜV certified. 

Digit AS (Bank ID)

elreg was selected by Digit AS for developing an userfriendly BankID with large display and audio. BankID delivers a public key infrastructure (PKI) solution enabling public to identify themselves and sign digital documents from authorities, banks, companies and other organizations on the Internet.

Siemens (Power Supply)

elreg was selected by Siemens AS for developing and supporting a 280W power supply for their fire alarm system. The EL600C power supply have build in all functions and output voltages needed to support all Siemens fire alarm centrals, so thereby one power fit it all.

T-Bane (Pilot chair)

elreg was selected together with the mechanical engineer Svein Hansen to do an complete redesign of the pilot chairs in the old subways in Oslo. It includet new electronic control equipment and joy stick  use for this new top modern chair controlling all the on-board equipments.

Statsnett (Power supply)

elreg was selected by contractors to do the development of a power supply used in a monitoring and fault-alarm system in Statsnett's controll system for Norways power system. An GSM/GPRS unit was also deveoped by Elreg for doing realt time controll of the system.

ABS Enclosures

for access control

elreg was engaged by customers to do a development of an ABS multibox for access controll boards. The box fit Lenel.: LNL-1300, LNL-1320 LNL-1000, LNL-1100,LNL-1200, LNL-3300, LNL-2000, LNL-2200, LNL-3300, LNL-8000. And also CCure Egde and PCSC DDM board.

IMED Secure (Medical)

Alarmpanel is used to display operating and error conditions of the IT-power supply in the medically used room with local acoustical and optical alarm.. Communication via N-CAN bus with other IMED Secure components.

TÜV certified.

2.2 kW power supply

elreg was selected by an large europeean solar energy company for developing an 2.2kW powersupply with high efficiency for use with solar water heating panels.This panels use the solar energy from the sun to generate heat which then is used for showering, space heating and industrial processes.

BatteryPacks (industry)

elreg has for several customers designed batterypacks. Typically case is a lithium batteries with buid in Battery Management System (BMS).The important task for the BMS is to maximize the battery capacity and life. The BMS is also monitoring the state of the battery, protecting and ballancing the cells.

Vensafe ASA (sensor)

elreg was selected for developing a brand new sensor for Vensafe's automatic machines and dispencers. The mission was to make an extreme stabil sensor with minimal errors of any kind. Elreg is then become their primary supplier for this products, and many thousands is running in daily use.

SimpliCT (Medical)

elreg was selected by the contactor to do the development of the electronic system for the SimpliCT. SimpliCT is a laser navigation in use world wide to decrease procedure time, radiation dose and potential complications in interventional radiology.


(Energy control)

elreg was selected by Energy control system international to develop an stand alone energy controller for appartment buildings to reduce their cost of electricity. With the wireless temperatur sensors in each appartments the unit maximse the cost saving with comfortably temperature.